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MicroSAAS AI OTO – MicroSAAS AI is a platform that lets you create and deploy your own MicroSAAS AI apps. These apps come fully equipped with sales pages, marketing materials, and graphics, ready for you to white label and sell as your own. The platform includes a built-in page builder similar to Gumroad, allowing you to effortlessly market your apps. Moreover, you can host your apps on your own domains, adding a personal touch to your offerings. The system also includes powerful plugins that enhance your apps, turning them into lead magnets and monetization powerhouses. Don’t miss out—get your spot on the call and start your journey with MicroSAAS AI!


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Front End Review & Demo

MicroSAAS AI OTO – Features:

Deploy Your Own MicroSaaS AI. Choose from the four pre-made MicroSaaS AI apps and deploy them as your own. You can rebrand and fully white label them.
Create Your Own MicroSaaS AI. You also have the right to create and build your own MicroSaaS AI App the only limitation is your imagination.
Fully White Labelled Under Your Own Brand. You can fully white label our four apps or ones that you build yourself with your own logo and name plus details etc.
Full Personal Rights Included. You have full personal rights to the apps to use in your own marketing business as well. These are top quality apps.
Commercial/Reseller/White Label Rights Included. Use as SaaS apps, or with your clients as an agency app. Many different ways to use in your business.
Your Own App Is Just Minutes Away. These are so simple to set up and use and can be deployed in just a few clicks. Full tutorials included.
Launch Your MicroSAAS AI Empire
Enter to Win the Latest MicroSAAS AI System
One User Earned $33,000+ with Our AI System
Effortlessly Create MicroSAAS AI Apps with a Single Click
Beta Users Raked in Nearly $50,000!
Design Your Custom AI App Today
Win Our Revolutionary AI App Builder

This Powerful App Comes With Ten Built-in Apps That You Can White Label, Rebrand, And Resell:

Ebook System: Create up to 40,000-word ebooks.
Affiliate System: All you need for a successful affiliate campaign.
Social System: Generates over 25 types of social data.
Image System: Create and edit images with 100 built-in styles.
Content System: Automate content creation and posting for your blogs.
Inbox System: Let AI email personas handle your email communications.
SEO System: Design your optimal SEO campaign.
Sales System: Easily create compelling sales pages.
Video System: Craft video scripts for various platforms.
Feed System: Manage all your Instagram content in one place.

Why This Type Of Apps Are The Future:

Simple & Streamlined Tools: Forget the overwhelming features you’ll never use. Micro SaaS apps hone in on what’s essential, so you get ease and clarity without the clutter.

Affordable & Flexible: Why overpay for bloated software? Micro SaaS offers cost-effective solutions tailored for small businesses and freelancers, with pricing that fits snugly into your budget.

Rapidly Responsive: While big software lumbers along, Micro SaaS apps are nimble and quick, adapting swiftly to meet your immediate needs.

Personalized Support: Large companies can’t match the dedicated, one-on-one customer care that Micro SaaS developers deliver, ensuring your concerns are met with expert attention.

Tailored to Your Needs: Big platforms often miss the mark on niche requirements. Micro SaaS apps specialize in pinpoint solutions, directly addressing the unique challenges of specific industries and markets.

MicroSAAS AI OTO – MicroSAAS AI Works In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 01: Add Your Domain
Add in your domain into our cloud hosting system, its a simple process and can be done very easily. It’s a simple step by step process and we add a secure certificate (SSL) to the domain as well!

Step 02: Deploy The App
Thats all there is to it. Once you hit deploy your app is instantly created and ready to go that’s how simple the process is. The login and register page is created and the admin area for you to manage the app. You are now ready to start using or selling access.

Step 03: Add Your Branding
Make the app unique to you! Add your logo and your name. Set the theme and color of your unique app.

MicroSAAS AI OTO – Detailed Features:

The package offers four MicroSaaS apps ready for immediate deployment and white labelling. Simply add your domain name (or use ours) and configure your settings, and the apps are set for sale or personal business use, offering flexibility in how you choose to utilise them. So let’s look at each app and how powerful the apps inside the MicroSaaS AI system are…

MicroSaaS AI Affiliate App:

Our affiliate tool allows you to set up a personalised version of our MicroSaaS affiliate system, standing out by offering more than just AI-generated prompts. It integrates a bonus library for creating compelling bonus pages, with 193 bonuses available and more added monthly to boost sales effectively. Beyond that, it’s designed to streamline the creation of bonus page briefs, entire bonus campaigns, email series, videos, and social media content, including Facebook and TikTok scripts. This system is ideal for anyone aiming to craft and run successful affiliate marketing campaigns. The MicroSaaS AI Affiliate Includes…

193 Bonus Packs Built In
Bonus Campaign Creator
Bonus Campaign Swipes
Facebook Posts For Bonus Campaign
TikTok Scripts For Bonus Campaign
Video Scripts For Bonus Campaign
Hashtags For Bonus Campaign
Bonus Strategy Bonus Info

MicroSaaS AI Image System:

Our image and design tool not only generates images across over 100 unique styles from Neon Noir to Cyberpunk but also includes cartoons and photo-realism. With its integrated full graphics editor, users can enhance AI-generated images—adjusting size, adding text, shapes, and more. Additionally, it’s equipped with social media-ready sizes, allowing for tailored content creation like Pinterest-optimised images, enriched with text and other elements, making it a versatile tool for any creative project. You literally have a full Canvas to play with! The MicroSaaS AI Image System Includes…

Includes 100 Image Styles
Includes 38 Different Sizes
Includes Free Form Style and Size
Full Image Editing System
Creates Up To UHD 4k
Upload Your Own Images
Full Text Addition
Add Shapes, Fills And More

MicroSaaS AI Content Builder:

Our content builder not only crafts blog posts for WordPress from a few keywords, including social media content to promote them but also generates the featured image. Beyond content creation, it offers functionalities to schedule or directly post to your blog, streamlining the entire process of blog maintenance and content distribution, making it a comprehensive tool for blog management. The MicroSaaS AI Content Builder Includes…

Create Blog Posts From Just A Few Keywords
Creates Facebook Posts To Promote the Blog Post
Creates TikTok Scripts To Promote the Blog Post
Creates X/Tweets To Promote the Blog Post
Creates Emails To Promote the Blog Post
Creates Featured Images For the Blog Post
Schedules The Posts
Auto Posts The Posts
Puts The Posts Into Drafts

MicroSaaS AI Social System:

Our social system designs campaigns for various platforms, from Facebook to Reddit and YouTube to TikTok, encompassing 37 types of content. It’s crafted for versatility in social media marketing, enabling effortless creation of the perfect social campaign. This tool simplifies the process of crafting and launching social media campaigns, making it ideal for widespread engagement across multiple channels. The MicroSaaS Social System includes:

Creation of social campaigns
Five different Facebook campaigns
Six different YouTube campaigns
Four different X/Twitter campaigns
Six different TikTok campaigns
Four different LinkedIn campaigns
Six different Instagram campaigns
Four different Pinterest campaigns
Two different Reddit campaigns

MicroSaaS AI Simplifies Software Creation: Skip the headaches of DIY software projects. No more endless hunting for reliable coders (try finding a good one!) or juggling high costs and BOY do they mount up). MicroSaaS AI makes app development affordable and straightforward, ensuring quality without the fuss and NO TECH SKILLS NEEDED! With MicroSaaS AI, You Already Have Four Apps!

Creating sales pages for your apps can be quite a task, especially if you’re not a copywriter. Professional, well-written, and effectively formatted copy can cost thousands of dollars, representing a significant portion of your project’s expenses. With MicroSaaS AI, All The Pages Are Prepared For You!

Compiling marketing materials like emails, social media images, banners, and more is time-consuming and expensive. Hiring designers and copywriters and finding the best one for the job of creating your marketing materials. MicroSaaS AI Simplifies This Process Because All The Work Is Already Done For You!

Additionally, setting up the technical aspects and integrating with major payment sites like JVZoo and Warrior Plus often requires extra tools and expertise. MicroSaaS AI streamlines these steps for you, providing everything needed to launch and sell your four white-label apps, including user-friendly software, automatic connection to the payment platforms, ready-made sales pages, and comprehensive marketing materials, from the start.

What Is Included With The MicroSaaS AI Package For Each App:

Fully Formatted Sales Pages:
Our in-house graphics team has crafted a stunning HTML page that you’re welcome to customise and use as your own, showcasing our commitment to providing you with high-quality, ready-to-use resources.

Built-In Gumroad Style Page And Editor:
We’ve included a built-in page and editor similar to Gumroad, allowing for easy customization. The page is pre set within the system, so you can simply tweak it and deploy quickly.

Logos And Boxshots:
Our team has designed an array of stunning mockups available in PSD formats, enabling you to easily customise them to fit your needs.

Social Media Graphics:
Our team has prepared a variety of social media graphics for each app, designed without branding, so they’re ready for you to use immediately. This makes it easy for you to start your marketing efforts without any delay.

Done For You Banner Collection:
Each app comes with its own set of fully unbranded banners, allowing you to begin promoting them immediately without any extra preparation needed.

Marketing Pack:
Each app is accompanied by a comprehensive marketing pack, including email swipes, social media campaign guides, video scripts, hashtags, and more, enabling you to dive into marketing activities right away. This toolkit is designed to streamline your promotional efforts from day one.

Training Video Pack:
Each app is equipped with unbranded video training packs, providing setup guidance for each application, allowing you to either utilize these directly or create your own customized training materials as needed.

Sales Membership System:
You have the flexibility to connect any of the MicroSaaS AI apps with platforms like JVZoo or Warrior Plus, facilitating a secure sales process that automatically delivers access details to your buyers, streamlining their user experience from purchase to product use. The system handles all the account creation technical stuff automatically without you having to do anything remotely techie !

Own App With Your Full Membership Platform. You can add your AI prompt to create a unique MicroSaaS AI. It’s all done in a step-by-step process that’s so simple to set up and deploy.

Step One: Configure Your App:
Add in the details for your app and create the prompt. You have multiple options to add in here from adding a scraper, to tone, language and audience. Then via placeholders set exactly what you want your new app to do.

Step Two: Test The App:
You can now test the apps as a user would see this. You can run it through the different uses and you can go back and tweak the app if you are not happy with the results. You can test and tweak as many times as you wish.

Step Three: Deploy:
Once you are happy with your app you can then deploy the app, pick its name and choose what domain you wish to deploy the app on. Once deployed the app can be edited and the rebranding added such as logo and page.

And That’s It. Your Very Own Unique MicroSaaS AI Is Ready To Go, And you can start selling access. It comes complete with its own membership platform, so not only are you creating your unique MicroSaaS AI, but it also includes:

A membership platform to manage and update your members
Creation of a registration page for your MicroSaaS AI app
Creation of a login page for your MicroSaaS AI app
Addition of the sales plugin to sell via JVZoo or Warrior Plus
Inclusion of the Gumroad-style page builder

Imagine The App You Could Create! From Sales Pages To Video Scripts With Just A Few Keywords. and email apps that improve communication, your creativity is the only limit. For those in the ecommerce niche, imagine creating an app specifically for Etsy users to enhance their product SEO. This isn’t just an SEO app; it’s tailored to your target audience, making it even more valuable. If you are doing any type of online or offline business this is perfect for you

MicroSAAS AI OTO – Benefits:

Create And Sell Your Own MicroSaaS. Your Own AI Product
Four AI Apps With Full White Label Rights
Four AI Apps With Full Personal Rights
Create Your Own MicroSaaS AI
Create And Sell Your Own MicroSaaS AI App: MicroSaaS AI is an exciting system that helps anyone have their own AI products, proven by our beta testers who’ve been using it for 10+ months.
White Label The Apps If You Want To Have Your Own AI Apps To Sell: You have four apps that you can use yourself in your own marketing business… This offer is perfect for anyone looking to launch their own products or seeking powerful AI apps to boost their marketing efforts. Four Hot AI Niche Tools with All Sales Material Included
All Marketing Material Included:
Gumroad Style Sales Page Designer
Connect To The 2 Best Battle Tested Top Sales Networks
Easy To Use Interface
How To Get Started Training
Very Active Private Facebook Group
MicroSaaS AI Is Built For Online Marketers And Entrepreneurs Of All Skill Levels
Nothing To Install: Newbie Friendly Quick And Easy Deployment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Easy To Set Up?
Yes this is extremely easy to set up but if you get stuck we have a team on hand ready to help you

Do I Need an Open AI API Key?
Yes you must add in your own API key to make these apps work

Are These Fully Tested?
Yes our beta testers have been using these for over ten months so they are as bug free as you can get

Do I Need a Domain?
No – we provide a shared domain that you can use with pleasure – If you want your own branded domain then we are happy to host that as well.

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