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MicroSAAS AI Bundle Deal Review

MicroSAAS AI Bundle Deal Review – MicroSAAS AI is a platform that lets you create and deploy your own MicroSAAS AI apps. These apps come fully equipped with sales pages, marketing materials, and graphics, ready for you to white label and sell as your own. The platform includes a built-in page builder similar to Gumroad, allowing you to effortlessly market your apps. Moreover, you can host your apps on your own domains, adding a personal touch to your offerings. The system also includes powerful plugins that enhance your apps, turning them into lead magnets and monetization powerhouses. Don’t miss out—get your spot on the call and start your journey with MicroSAAS AI!

MicroSAAS AI Bundle Deal Review

MicroSAAS AI Demo

MicroSAAS AI Bundle Deal Review – What You’re Getting:

MicroSAAS AI Commercial

The package offers four MicroSaaS apps ready for immediate deployment and white labelling. Simply add your domain name (or use ours) and configure your settings, and the apps are set for sale or personal business use, offering flexibility in how you choose to utilise them. So let’s look at each app and how powerful the apps inside the MicroSaaS AI system are…

MicroSaaS AI Affiliate App:

Our affiliate tool allows you to set up a personalised version of our MicroSaaS affiliate system, standing out by offering more than just AI-generated prompts. It integrates a bonus library for creating compelling bonus pages, with 193 bonuses available and more added monthly to boost sales effectively. Beyond that, it’s designed to streamline the creation of bonus page briefs, entire bonus campaigns, email series, videos, and social media content, including Facebook and TikTok scripts. This system is ideal for anyone aiming to craft and run successful affiliate marketing campaigns. The MicroSaaS AI Affiliate Includes…

193 Bonus Packs Built In
Bonus Campaign Creator
Bonus Campaign Swipes
Facebook Posts For Bonus Campaign
TikTok Scripts For Bonus Campaign
Video Scripts For Bonus Campaign
Hashtags For Bonus Campaign
Bonus Strategy Bonus Info

MicroSaaS AI Image System:

Our image and design tool not only generates images across over 100 unique styles from Neon Noir to Cyberpunk but also includes cartoons and photo-realism. With its integrated full graphics editor, users can enhance AI-generated images—adjusting size, adding text, shapes, and more. Additionally, it’s equipped with social media-ready sizes, allowing for tailored content creation like Pinterest-optimised images, enriched with text and other elements, making it a versatile tool for any creative project. You literally have a full Canvas to play with! The MicroSaaS AI Image System Includes…

Includes 100 Image Styles
Includes 38 Different Sizes
Includes Free Form Style and Size
Full Image Editing System
Creates Up To UHD 4k
Upload Your Own Images
Full Text Addition
Add Shapes, Fills And More

MicroSaaS AI Content Builder:

Our content builder not only crafts blog posts for WordPress from a few keywords, including social media content to promote them but also generates the featured image. Beyond content creation, it offers functionalities to schedule or directly post to your blog, streamlining the entire process of blog maintenance and content distribution, making it a comprehensive tool for blog management. The MicroSaaS AI Content Builder Includes…

Create Blog Posts From Just A Few Keywords
Creates Facebook Posts To Promote the Blog Post
Creates TikTok Scripts To Promote the Blog Post
Creates X/Tweets To Promote the Blog Post
Creates Emails To Promote the Blog Post
Creates Featured Images For the Blog Post
Schedules The Posts
Auto Posts The Posts
Puts The Posts Into Drafts

MicroSaaS AI Social System:

Our social system designs campaigns for various platforms, from Facebook to Reddit and YouTube to TikTok, encompassing 37 types of content. It’s crafted for versatility in social media marketing, enabling effortless creation of the perfect social campaign. This tool simplifies the process of crafting and launching social media campaigns, making it ideal for widespread engagement across multiple channels. The MicroSaaS Social System includes:

Creation of social campaigns
Five different Facebook campaigns
Six different YouTube campaigns
Four different X/Twitter campaigns
Six different TikTok campaigns
Four different LinkedIn campaigns
Six different Instagram campaigns
Four different Pinterest campaigns
Two different Reddit campaigns

MicroSAAS AI Pro

This includes six EXTRA MicroSAAS AI apps and four self build slots plus we have extended the user count from 250 to 1000 to a total of 1250 and added the ability to add 4 more custom domains.

Inbox Email MicroSAAS AI

This app is like having 20 top-notch email writers working together in one place. We’ve gathered the finest email copywriters and incorporated their skills into this app. Now, you can have these experts craft your emails in various unique styles.

Sales Mentor MicroSAAS AI

Sales Mentor is an innovative tool that harnesses the collective wisdom and style of the world’s 20 best copywriters. By emulating their distinctive writing techniques, this tool offers you the unique capability to create captivating and persuasive sales page copy. Whether you need a tone that’s formal and authoritative or casual and engaging, Sales Mentor allows you to craft your message in multiple styles and personas, making it a versatile asset for any marketing strategy.

SEO Expert MicroSAAS AI

SEO Expert helps you create your perfect SEO campaign, it creates keyword rich blog posts, articles, press releases, and long tail keyword video scripts. Plus even suggests domain names for you. This is your perfect SEO companion to build your SEO campaigns from just a scrapped page.

Ebook Creator MicroSAAS AI

Our ebook system is one of our flagship products that has 1000’s of users creating ebooks every day. Just add a few keywords and the system will create you up to a 40,000 ebook. It has a full built in editor so you can fully edit your new ebook and then export it in multiple formats. You can add headers/footers, page numbers and much more.

Video Campaign MicroSAAS AI

This does everything from Youtube to Tiktok and Instagram and even creates video sales letters. Just add in your page for your product or offer and the system goes to work, you can add in your information or let the app scrape your page. This will create amazing scripts for your products or offers or for your promotions.

Feed Social MicroSAAS AI

Creates everything Instagram, it will create you a blow by blow rundown on how you need to build and grow your Instagram account. It will create a content calendar that will keep you going for a month. It creates carousels, posts, stories, hashtags and more any you need for Instagram can be done with this. In the pro offer you also get four extra self build slots to build your own MicroSAAS AI apps. And we have also increased the user count from 250 on commercial, to 1000 on pro.


As Part Of MicroSAAS AI VIP Club You Will Get:
One brand new MicrosSAAS AI App added each month
One brand new self build MicrosSAAS AI slot opened each month
Extra MicroSAAS training
One live call every two weeks as part of the VIP club

MicroSAAS Autoresponder Addon

Build A Small App
Build a small app using the MicroSAAS AI builder. Can be something very simple add in the autoresponder addon. The small app instantly becomes a lead magnet. It collects and sends the lead to your autoresponder, can also send the lead to webinar or webhook or zapier.

Upsell Our In Built Apps
The lead you collect you instantly have a done for you ready made app in one of our indepth apps that you can sell access to with your new lead. Rinse and repeat you have a army of possibilities with our done for you apps that you can sell access to.

MicroSAAS Monitisation Addon

We Have Developed A Powerful Add-On That Transforms Every MicroSAAS AI You Create Into A Revenue-Generating Powerhouse.

Imagine This: You Offer Access To One Of The MicroSAAS AI Apps. you create, and not only can you insert banners within the app, but you can also extend the menu to include things like affiliate links or upsell links. This means you can monetize your app by promoting other products or services directly within the app.

With This Add-On, It’s Incredibly Easy To Start generating additional income. You can seamlessly integrate promotional content and links, making the most out of every user interaction within your app. Start maximizing your earnings potential today!

Just A Recap Of What You Will Get:

MicroSAAS AI Pro Normal Cost $147
MircoSAAS AI Normal Cost $49 Per Month ($588 per Year)
MicroSAAS AI Autoresponder Addon Normal Cost $147
MicroSAAS AI Monetization Addon Normal Cost $97
Plus You Will Receive Our Extra Special VIP Bundle Bonus…

Access To Our Master Expert AI Brain With 12 Modules Includes Reseller And White Label Rights Worth $297:

Discover Our Exclusive Collection Of Apps along with the Master Expert AI Brain. This master app consolidates all 12 applications into a single, white-labeled platform, offering you the opportunity to install and market it as your own. With full rebranding rights and access to the source code, the possibilities are endless. Each app seamlessly integrates with JVZoo and Warrior Plus through a robust API connection.

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